Three Ways to earn money from the Internet without capital in the year 2019

Three Ways to earn money from the Internet without capital in the year 2019

Who does not want to earn money from the Internet.

The 21st century is a century where the internet is rampant. For other people, making money from the Internet is a dream. Don't be afraid, I'll unpack the secrets you can do to earn money from the Web world. 

The good news is getting money from the internet is not just a dream. Like all businesses, your online earnings take time to grow big. 

You need to master some elements such as SEO or online marketing. In other side, you need to set aside time, work hard and be confident for your idea to succeed.

How to earn money from the Internet:

1. YouTube 
You does not know with these one platform. YouTube has become a vital part of everyone's life. 
Statistics say that YouTube users are more than 1.3 billion, 300 total hours of video uploaded every minute and Five billion videos watched every day. 

Many ordinary people can make money and become wealthy because of YouTube. Examples: Casey Neistat, PewDiePie, Logan Paul, etc. In fact, their revenues are more than entrepreneurs who have an upper middle business. 

They are free to work anywhere and anytime. How do they make money from YouTube? It's obvious from sponsorship and Google AdSense. For example, your YouTube channels about the latest smartphone.

If you are famous, the sponsor will enter itself. However, this is time-consuming and at least you need 20,000-100,000 subscribers. 

Google AdSense is an advertisement from Google. When you watch YouTube, ads will appear or there's a yellow line on the video. This is an advertisement from Google, to get it arguably somewhat difficult. 

Google always changes the terms of their application. The latest Info to get AdSense is the channel owner requires 1000 subscribers and videos watched for 4000 hours. 

Also, to be reminded, video content must be original. The more viewers and audiences that click on ads from Google, the more you get revenue. 

More booming YouTube channel examples:1. Play games [Mobile Legends (MLBB), Dota 2, etc]
2. Food [ASMR, etc]
3. The Latest gadgets [MKBHD]

Just like being, an influencer blogger and Instagram, your followers and audience may open up earning potential, but actually utilize a variety of revenue streams more helpful in making money.

2. Instagram
We are lucky to be born where social media is one side of our lives. The way to get money from the Internet is the most surefire is to use Instagram. 

Arguably Instagram is more booming, fast and easy than YouTube. Anyone already has Instagram, a famous YouTube channel must have an account on the social media for marketing or adding likes and follow. 

The more famous, the richer. How do they earn money from Instagram? Sponsorship and endorsements only sponsors can give you money because there is no Google AdSense. 

Just like YouTube, you need a lot of followers and likes. Sponsorship will come by itself when you are famous. Girl are easier to succeed on Instagram because people buy clothes online now. 

You can sell clothes in online stores such as Lazada, Shopee, Alibaba, etc.However, Instagram sales is much more profitable. Especially you have your own brand and many followers.

In addition to selling clothes, you can also have a food channel like Village Food Factory (India). Food is very booming for Instagram at the moment. 

No need to eat in fancy or expensive place, quite in a good place.You can see, accounts like Food Village have many sponsors. Eat and earn money, who the heck doesn't want to?

3. Blogging/Creating a website Blogging is one of the surefire ways to work from home and earn money from the Internet easily. 

You can reap a decent profit. Just like the way above, you have to have your followers as well as traffic. In addition, you have to create content on a regular basis.

Blogging requires a little money, about 100$ to buy domains and servers. So, I categorize it without capital because I BELIEVE, readers can get that money without the distress.

The content should be informative and useful, so people will come when you write new content. How do they earn money from Blogging? Endorsements, advertising, selling goods themselves, selling content, affiliate, etc.I can write 2000 words. how to earn money this way. 

The easiest way is to advertise or sell your own stuff. However, you should understand what is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Many well-known blogs in USA such as Mashable, BBC, Holliwood Reporter, etc.

This is more difficult than Instagram or Youtube because you need special skills. It is not difficult to learn when you are diligent and there is a will.

Selling a place like banner or sponsored post is straightforward, fast and expensive. Mashable earns about 120 billion annually from selling banners. 

Tempting, isn't it? In addition, you can also use affiliate links. This is where you earn commissions when people buy through your links. Online stores such as Lazada, Shopee, Alibaba provide the choice. Usually, blogs about gadgets are more easily earning money from affiliate links. If your blog is English, our advice is you must try the affiliate Amazon, where you can put a banner with an affiliate link on your blog.

When people buy through these links you can earn commissions. For English-speaking websites, use the Affiliate link, Click Funnel and Rakuten. Not few is millionaires because they use the method.

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