5G The Next Communication Technology

The 5G technology has the highest speed compared to the other network technology. Before 5G born, there were 4 generations of networks like 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

1G First Generation

1G, which began to be developed in the 1970s, has a speed of 2 KB per second (Kbps). 1G itself is an analog network that only allows use for voice communication, not data. However, with her limitations, Qualcomm, through her publication of a presentation titled "The Evolution of Mobile Technology", referred to 1G as "the foundation of the Mobile world."

Indeed, a 1G-based phone will not be able to use for surfing in Internet, let alone used to stream Youtube or download movies. However, the speed we can calculate. If the 2 Kbps 1G technology is about to be used to download 1 GB movie file, the phone will take time for 1 month-18 days-17 hours-2 minutes-47 seconds to complete the download. Wah, this very long long long time.


Meanwhile, on 2G technology which according to Qualcomm called (network) mobile for audiences, data connection is already possible. The term "GPRS" is also familiar to the users of 2G-based phones for Internet.

Unfortunately, 2G has a low speed which is 14.4 to 64 Kbps. Assuming the files are downloaded the same, 1GB, 2G-powered phone will take 6 days-21 hours-42 minutes-3 seconds to 1 day-13 hours-16 minutes-57 seconds to Finish. 


As for 3G, as the network is predicate "mobile broadband", it has a connection speed of 2 Mbps. To download the same size, a 3G-networked phone takes only 1 hour-11 minutes-34 seconds to complete.


Lastly, we have 4G, where the data connection speed is getting faster. 4G is known to have speeds of up to 200 Mbps (in some publications called 100 Mbps). Movie Files of 1GB take only 42 seconds when downloaded on a 4G-based phone.

What about 5G?

With speeds that are more than 1 Gbps, the 1GB movie file should only take a blink of an eye until it finishes downloading.
The 5G infrastructure test conducted by SK Telecom and KOTSA in Korea, for example, records a file download time of 1 GB is 0.4 seconds.

5G technology is expected to present a new frequency band (much wider than the previous one) at the same time as bandwidth per channel of the wider frequency. As of now, the predecessor mobile Technology (generation) has proven a substantial increase in peak bitrate.

Then – how does 5G differ from the previous one (especially 4G)?

The answer is – not only increased bitrate that makes 5G different from 4G, but 5G is also advanced in the following respects:
  1. Peak bit rate increases high
  2. Greater throughput per unit area (i.e. high system spectral efficiency)
  3. High capacity to allow more connectivity devices simultaneously and instantaneously
  4. Lowering battery consumption 
  5. Betterconnectivity regardless of geographic area, where you are
  6. Many supporting devices
  7. Lowering infrastructure development costs 
  8. High exces communication

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